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Resetting Batch Steps

Grooper 2.70.0021

   When I reset batch process steps, like Separation, is it intentional that all of the batches that have previously been separated do not revert to loose pages to be classified?  In one instance, I changed a doc type to use the Combine Contiguous Documents feature on a batch that had previously completed Separation.  I then paused the batch, and reset All of the batches stats on Classification Review and Separation, as well as updated the batch process on that batch.  However, when I went to look at the batch viewer, all of the pages that Separation had been separated and classified remained that way.  In order to reclassify the entire batch, I manually reverted the entire batch to loose pages, then ran separation.  In 2.6, I believe that the resetting of the batch process step would revert the file to loose pages.  I am just wondering if this is intentional or a bug.  Thank you.

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    I will discuss this with everyone and decide if it is an enhancement request worth asking for.  Thank you.
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