I have a field in a content model which I am using a default value expression.

What I am putting in there is the first four digits of the current date ie if today where 07/09/2019 it would have 0709 in the field.  What I need is a 1 up sequence that keeps incrementing with each new document.   How can I do that?


  • GrooperGuruGrooperGuru Posts: 367 admin
    Do you only need the "+1" increase to occur within the context of a given batch? Example, you have a batch with 100 documents. Document 1 uses today's date, Document 2 uses the next date, etc. Then if another batch is scanned in, the sequence starts over again where Document 1 uses today's date, then the number increases by one for each document in the batch?
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  • timthetechmantimthetechman Posts: 11
    That would work.  But what would be better is like in Kofax the sequence number which gives a unique number to each document scanned.
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